Alignment of Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators with Oklahoma and OEQA-Approved National Standards

The test framework for each field defines the content that is eligible to be included on a test. Each test framework is based on the appropriate Oklahoma teacher standards and OEQA-approved national standards.

An alignment of a competency is indicated if the content of a standard is addressed, in whole or in part, by the relevant Oklahoma standards and/or national standards. An indication of alignment does not necessarily imply complete congruence of the content of the standard with any associated state or national standard. The alignment of the test frameworks will be re-examined if changes are made to Oklahoma and/or national standards.

Test Framework Alignment with State and/or National Standards
(as applicable)
(111) Advanced Mathematics Advanced Mathematics
(102) Art Art
(110) Biological Sciences Biological Sciences
(128) Blind/Visual Impairment Blind/Visual Impairment
(140) Business Education (first test administration 4/22/2024) Business Education
(104) Chemistry Chemistry
(080) Chinese (Mandarin) (last test administration 2/11/2024) World Languages
(181) Computer Science Computer Science
(178) Dance Dance
(205) Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education
(108) Earth Science Earth Science
(182) Elementary Mathematics Specialist (first test administration 4/22/2024) Elementary Mathematics Specialist
(150-151) Elementary Education Subtest 1, Subtest 2 Elementary Education Subtest 1, Subtest 2
(107) English (last test administration 4/21/2023) English
(207) English (first test administration 4/22/2024) English
(177) English as a Second Language (ESL) English as a Second Language (ESL)
(109) Family and Consumer Sciences (first test administration 4/22/2024) Family and Consumer Sciences
(120) French World Languages
(121) German World Languages
(201) Instrumental/General Music Instrumental/General Music
(137) Journalism Journalism
(123) Latin World Languages
(138) Library-Media Specialist Library-Media Specialist
(124) Middle Level English Middle Level English
(225) Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics
(127) Middle Level Social Studies Middle Level Social Studies
(129) Mild-Moderate Disabilities Mild-Moderate Disabilities
(174) Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET) Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET)
(113) Physical Science Physical Science
(114) Physics (first test administration 4/22/2024) Physics
(112) Physical Education/Health/Safety Physical Education/Health/Safety
(144) Principal Comprehensive Assessment Principal Comprehensive Assessment
(132) Psychology/Sociology Psychology/Sociology
(134) Psychometrist Psychometrist
(115) Reading Specialist Reading Specialist
(122) Russian World Languages
(139) School Counselor School Counselor
(133) School Psychologist (first test administration 4/22/2024) School Psychologist
(131) Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities
(119) Spanish World Languages
(085) Special Education Comprehensive Assessment Special Education Comprehensive Assessment
(116) Speech/Drama/Debate Speech/Drama/Debate
(084) Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
(248) Superintendent Superintendent
(143) Technology Engineering (first test administration 4/22/2024) Technology Engineering
(117) U.S. History/Oklahoma History/Government/Economics U.S. History/Oklahoma History/Government/Economics
(203) Vocal/General Music Vocal/General Music
(118) World History/Geography World History/Geography

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