Field 128: Blind/Visual Impairment

Framework Development Correlation Table

Competency Oklahoma Full (Subject Matter) Competencies for Licensure and Certification — November 2009 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC): Initial Special Education Blind and Visually Impaired Specialty Set
001A(2), A(4), B(2), B(7a)ISCI1K1, K12, K13; BVI1K1, K3; BVI4K3; BVI6K4;
002A(4), B(2), B(7abc)ISCI1K3, K10, K11; BVI1K3-K6
003A(6abcd)ISCI3K1; BVI3S2; BVI5K2; BVI5S1, S3
004A(5), B(1abc), B(3a)ISCI4K1-K5; BVI4K1-K3; ISCI4S1-S9; BVI4S1-S4
005 B(1-3), B(3a-j)ISCI4S1-S9; BVI4K1-K3; BVI4S1-S3, S5
006A(7ab), B(4), B(8a-d), B(10)ISCI3S1-S3; BVI3K1; BVI3S1-S2
007B(4a-i), B(6a-e)ISCI2K1-K5, K7-K8; BVI2K1-K2; ISCI2S1, S2-S6, S7-S13; BVI2S1-S2
008B(2), B(5h), B(6a-e)BVI1K6; ISCI5K3; BVI5K10-K11; ISCI5S19-20; BVI5S3; BVI7S2; BVI5S3-S4; BVI5S8
009B(5c, 5i), B(6a-e)ISCI3S2; ISCI5K3; BVI5K1-K2; BVI5S1, S4-S6
010A(12), B(7a-c)ISCI2K5; ISCI5S18
011A(2), B(3f-i), B(5a-f), B(7a), B(9)ISCI2S8; BVI5K5-K7
012A(6, 11a-c), B(8a-d), B(12)ISCI1K5-6; BVI1S12; BVI4S5; ISCI5S2
013A(1, 7, 13a-c), B(1a-c), B(11a-f)ISCI6K2, K4, K6, K12; ISCI6S1-S13; BVI7K2


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