How the Tests Were Developed

The synopsis that follows describes the rigorous process that was used to carefully develop each test in the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators.

1. Develop the Test Frameworks

The content of each test is documented in the test framework. The Oklahoma teacher standards and any relevant national standards form the basis of each test framework. A test framework is divided into subareas. A subarea contains one or more competencies, each aligned to Oklahoma standards and relevant national standards for that field. Each competency is further defined by a set of descriptive statements that delineate that content within each competency. The test framework also provides information on the relative weighting that will be applied to each content subarea. The Office of Educational Quality and Accountability reviewed and approved the test framework for each field.

2. Develop Draft Test Items

Next, test items were developed to assess the content defined by the test frameworks. Content specialists, item development specialists, content and bias reviewers, and psychometricians were involved in developing test items for the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators.

3. Oklahoma Review and Validation of Draft Test Items

Oklahoma teachers and teacher educators participated in the review and validation of draft test items for the program. An Oklahoma Bias Review Committee (BRC) reviewed test items for potential bias and inclusion of diversity. Oklahoma Content Advisory Committees (CAC) reviewed and revised items, if needed, to ensure that the test items are accurate, appropriate, free from bias, and job-related. Items approved by the review committees were validated by Oklahoma teachers and teacher educators.

4. Pilot Test Items

Reviewed and validated test items were pilot tested to determine if they have acceptable statistical and qualitative characteristics to include on operational test forms.

5. Marker Response Meetings

A panel of Content Advisory members were oriented to the process for reviewing and selecting marker responses from the field test constructed-responses. The panel selected a set of responses that represented each score point description for each type of constructed-response. These responses were then used in the training of scorers.

6. Oklahoma Passing Score Review

Panels of Oklahoma teachers and teacher educators met and provided passing score recommendations for each test. The recommendations made by each panel were provided to the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability, which established the passing score for each test.

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