Field 203: Vocal/General Music

Framework Development Correlation Table

Competency Oklahoma Full (Subject Matter) Competencies for Licensure and Certification — November 2009 National Association of Schools of Music Handbook 2018–19
0001(I), (O), (Q)III.O.1.-2., VI.B.2.a.(1), VII.D.2.a.(1)
0002(I), (O)III.O.1.-2., VI.B.2.a.(1), VII.D.2.a.(1)
0003(Q), (R)VI.B.2.a.(3)
0004(D), (F)IX.O.3.c.(2)
0005(C), (D), (E), (G), (I), (Q), (R), (T)IX.O.3.c.(2)
0007(A), (B), (C), (J), (K), (M), (N), (O), (P), (S), (U)IX.O.3.c.(2), II.G.3.a.(3)
0008(C), (N), (O)III.O.2., VII.D.2.a.(1)
0009(N)VI.B.1.a.(1), VII.D.2.a.(2)
0010(C), (I)VI.B.1.a.(1), III.O.2, VII.D.2.a.(2)
0011(C), (K)VI.B.2.b., IX.O.3.b.(2)
0012(Q), (R)VI.B.2.a.(3), VII.D.1.a.(3), VII.D.2.a.(4)
0013(Q), (R)VI.B.2.a.(3), VII.D.1.a.(3), VII.D.2.a.(4)
0014(Q), (R)VI.B.2.a.(3), VII.D.1.a.(3), VII.D.2.a.(4)
0015(A), (B), (C), (F), (M), (P)IX.O.3.d.


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