Field 117: U.S. History/Oklahoma History/Government/Economics

Framework Development Correlation Table

Competency OK Full (Subject Matter) Competencies for Licensure and Certification (2009) [Social Studies] National Council for the Social Studies National Standards for the Preparation of Social Studies Teachers (2018)
0001 A3, A16-17 1a-1c
0002 A1-5, A15-17 1a
0003 A1-6, A9, A15-17 1a
0004 A1-2, A4-5, A9, A15-17 1a
0005 A1-5, A15-17 1a
0006 A1-5, A15-17 1a
0007 A1-5, A14-17 1a
0008 A1, A4-5, A16-17 1a
0009 A1-4, A9, A14-17 1a
0010 A10-12, A14-17 1a-1b
0011 A6-9, A16-17 1a-1b
0012 A1, A3-4, A6-7, A9, A17 1a
0013 A6-9, A17 1a
0014 A7, A9, A16-17 1a
0015 A13, A16-17 1a-1b
0016 A4, A13-14, A16-17 1a
0017 A13-4, A16-17 1a-1b
0018 A17 1a-1b, 2a-2d, 3a-3c, 4a-4b


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