Field 178: Dance

Framework Development Correlation Table

Competency Oklahoma Full (Subject Matter) Competencies for Licensure and Certification — November 2009 National Dance Education Organization
Professional Teaching Standards for Dance in Arts Education
001(G), (L)I, III
002(G), (I), (L)I, II, III
003(G), (H), (J), (L)I, III
004(F), (H), (J), (L)I, III
005(C), (L)I, III
006(C), (L)I, III
007(C), (L)I, III
008(A), (E), (K), (L), (M), (N), (O)I, II, IV, V, VI, VII
009(B), (E), (G), (I)I, III
010(F), (J), (L)I, II, III
011(C), (D), (L)I, II, III
012(A), (B), (J), (L), (P)I, II, III, V, VIII


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