Field 177: English as a Second Language (ESL)

Framework Development Correlation Table

Competency Oklahoma Full (Subject Matter) Competencies for Licensure and Certification — November 2009 TESOL International Association
Standards for the Recognition of Initial TESOL Programs in P–12 ESL Teacher Education (2010)
001A, C1.a.1, 1.a.2, 1.a.3, 1.a.4
002A, C1.b.1, 1.b.2, 1.b.3, 1.b.4, 1.b.5
003B2.a, 2.e
004A, B1.b.4, 2.b, 2.c, 2.f, 2.g
005C3.a.1, 3.a.2, 3.a.3, 3.a.4, 3.a.5, 3.b.1, 3.b.2, 3.b.3, 3.c.1, 3.c.2, 3.c.3, 3.c.4
006C3.a.3, 3.a.5
007C3.a.3, 3.a.5, 3.b.4, 3.b.5, 3.b.6
008C1.b.2, 3.a.3, 3.a.4, 3.a.5, 3.b.7, 3.b.8
009C3.a.3, 3.a.5, 3.b.7, 3.b.8
010C3.a.3, 3.a.4, 3.a.5
011D4.a.1, 4.a.2, 4.a.3, 4.a.4, 4.a.5, 4.b.1, 4.b.2, 4.b.3, 4.c.1, 4.c.2
012D4.b.3, 4.c.3, 4.c.4, 4.c.5
013E5.a.1, 5.a.2, 5.a.3, 5.b.1, 5.b.2, 5.b.3, 5.b.4
014B, E2.d, 5.b.5, 5.b.6, 5.b.7
015C, D3.a.1, 3.a.3, 3.b.1, 3.b.4, 3.b.5, 3.b.7, 3.b.8, 4.b.3, 4.c.5


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