Field 181: Computer Science

Framework Development Correlation Table

Competency Oklahoma Full (Subject Matter) Competencies for Licensure and Certification — November 2009 Standards for Computer Science Educators
International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE 2011)
001C.1, C.2, D.1, D.31.a.iv, 1.c.i–iv
002C.2, D2, D.31.c.iii, 1.c i.v
003A.1–31.a.iii, 1.b.i, 1.b.ii
004A.1, A.31.b.ii, 1.b.iii
005A.1, A.2, B, D.21.b.iv
006A.1, A.31.b.iv, 1.b.v, 1.b.v
007A.2, D.21.a.i, 1.a.ii; 1.b.i, 1.b.ii
008A.1, A.31.b.i
009N/A2, 3


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