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Program and Test Information

The Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educatorstrademark symbol (CEOEtrademark symbol) program:

About the Tests

Oklahoma is committed to becoming a preeminent state in the nation in the preparation and professional development of educators and administrators for the purpose of increasing students' learning and well-being. In 1995 the Oklahoma Legislature passed House Bill 1549, which required the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation (OCTP)—now part of the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA)—to develop and implement a competency-based teacher assessment system. The OCTP selected the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson to develop and administer the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators (CEOE).

The tests included in the CEOE program are criterion referenced and competency based. A criterion-referenced test is designed to measure a candidate's knowledge and skills in relation to an established standard of competency (criterion) rather than in relation to the performance of other candidates. The content of each CEOE test is based on a set of test competencies. The CEOE program includes the following categories of tests:

All CEOE tests are computer-based, administered at computer-based testing centers throughout Oklahoma and nationwide. Some CEOE tests are also offered via online proctoring.

All CEOE tests except OSAT Cherokee include a section of selected-response (multiple-choice) questions. Each selected-response question has four response options. Your score on the selected-response question section is based on the total number of selected-response questions you answer correctly.

Most CEOE tests also include one or more constructed-response assignments that require an extended written response; tests of all languages other than English also include a constructed-response assignment that requires a spoken response. All constructed-response assignments are scored by at least two educators with relevant professional backgrounds. Constructed-response assignment scoring follows standardized procedures, using scoring scales describing varying levels of performance that were approved by committees of Oklahoma educators. Scorers are oriented to scoring procedures before the scoring session and are carefully monitored during the scoring sessions. Your scores on any constructed-response assignments will be based on an evaluation of the assignment as a whole. A constructed-response assignment is designated unscorable if it is blank, illegible or unintelligible, not written to the assigned topic, not in the appropriate language, or lacking a sufficient amount of original work to score. For test fields that include 1 or more constructed response assignments, the performance characteristics and scoring scale are inlcuded in the constructed-response section(s) of the study guide.

The following table summarizes the type of questions in each section and the proportion of the total test scaled score each section accounts for on the OGET and the OSATs. You can find more detailed information about each test on the page for that test.

CEOE Tests Chart
Test Type Number of Items (Proportion of Total Test Scaled Score)
 start bold  OGET end bold  (As of 5/5/2022: No longer a requirement for certification) Approximately 100 selected-response questions (80percent
1 constructed-response writing assignment (20percent)
 start bold OSAT 
(for OSAT tests not listed here, see below)
 end bold  
Advanced Mathematics  
Agricultural Education  
Biological Sciences  
Blind/Visual Impairment  
Business Education  
Computer Science  
Deaf/Hard of Hearing  
Driver/Safety Education  
Early Childhood Education  
Earth Science  
Elementary Mathematics Specialist  
English as a Second Language  
Family and Consumer Sciences  
Gifted Education  
Instrumental/General Music  
Library-Media Specialist  
Middle Level English
Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics  
Middle Level Science
Middle Level Social Studies  
Mild-Moderate Disabilities  
Physical Education/Health/Safety  
Physical Science
Principal Comprehensive Assessment 
Reading Specialist  
School Counselor
School Psychologist  
Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities  
Special Education Comprehensive Assessment 
Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant  
Technology Engineering  
U S History/Oklahoma History/Government/Economics  
Vocal/General Music  
World History/Geography  
Approximately 80 selected-response questions (85percent)
1 constructed-response assignment (15percent)
 start bold OSAT Elementary Education Test end bold 
 start bold Elementary Education Subtest 1: 
Reading/Language Arts

Approximately 52 selected-response questions (85percent
1 constructed-response writing assignment (15percent

Elementary Education Subtest 2: 
Social Studies/Mathematics/Science/Health, Fitness, and the Arts
Approximately 66 selected-response questions (100percent)
 start bold OSAT Language Tests end bold 
Chinese (Mandarin)
 start bold Cherokee  end bold 
8 constructed-response assignments, 1 requiring an oral response:
  • Listening Comprehension Assignment (14percent)
  • Reading Comprehension Assignment (14percent)
  • Language Structures and Language Comparisons Assignments (14percent)
  • Cultural Perspectives, Comparisons, and Connections Assignment (14percent)
  • Language Acquisition and Instruction Assignment (14percent)
  • Written Expression Assignment (15percent)
  • Oral Expression Assignment (15percent)
 start bold Chinese (Mandarin)  end bold 
Approximately 35 selected-response questions (38percent)
4 constructed-response assignments, 1 requiring an oral response:
  • Listening Comprehension Assignment (16percent)
  • Reading and Vocabulary Assignment (16percent)
  • Written Expression Assignment (15percent)
  • Oral Expression Assignment (15percent)
 start bold French, German, Latin, Russian, Spanish  end bold 
Approximately 65 selected-response questions (70percent)
2 constructed-response assignments, 1 requiring an oral response:
  • Presentational Writing Assignment (15percent)
  • Presentational Speaking Assignment (15percent)
 start bold OSAT Selected-Response Only Test(s) end bold  
Marketing Education
Approximately 100 selected-response questions (100percent)

The Test Development Process

Creating the CEOE program is a complex, ongoing process. The major steps are outlined below.

Test Development Process Chart
Task Description
Develop the Test Frameworks The content of each assessment is documented in the test framework. The test framework consists of subareas that include a set of competencies, along with a set of descriptive statements that further elaborate the content of each test competency. During preparation of the test competencies, key state and national documents were consulted. Committees of Oklahoma educators reviewed the test competencies to ensure that the test competencies are accurate, free of bias, job related, and important for the job of an entry-level educator in Oklahoma.
Develop Test Items Next, test items are developed to assess the content defined by the test frameworks. Content specialists, item development specialists, content and bias reviewers, and psychometricians are involved in developing test items for the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators program.
Review and Validate Test Content Content validation surveys involving randomly selected Oklahoma school personnel and college and university faculty members are conducted for each test. The test questions are matched to specific competencies and verified as valid by panels of Oklahoma educators. Items are reviewed by a Bias Review Committee (BRC) and a Content Advisory Committee (CAC). The BRC reviews test items for potential bias and inclusion of diversity. The CAC reviews and revises items, if needed, to ensure that they are accurate, appropriate, free from bias, and job-related. Items approved by the review committees are validated by Oklahoma teachers and teacher educators.
Field Test Items Reviewed and validated test items are field tested to determine if they have acceptable statistical and qualitative characteristics to include on operational test forms.
Set Passing Scores The committees of Oklahoma educators are convened again following the first test administration to reconfirm the validity of the test questions and recommend a minimum passing score for each test. The final minimum passing scores are established by the OEQA based on recommendations of panels of Oklahoma educators.