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Field 043: Technology Engineering 
Sample Selected-Response Questions

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General Test Directions

This test consists of two sections: 1) a section with selected-response questions and 2) a constructed-response section.

Each question in the first section is a selected-response question with four answer choices. Read each question and answer choice carefully and choose the  start uppercase ONE end uppercase  best answer.

Try to answer all questions. Even if you are unsure of an answer, it is better to guess than not to answer a question at all. You will  start uppercase NOT end uppercase  be penalized for guessing.

The second section of this test consists of one constructed-response assignment. You will be asked to provide a written response to the assignment. Directions for completing your written response to the constructed-response assignment appear immediately before the assignment.

You may  start uppercase NOT end uppercase  use any type of calculator or reference materials during the test session.

Sample Selected-Response Questions

Competency 0003 
Understand processes and procedures related to the design process.

1. An architect is drawing a building using a scale of 3 inches equals 1 foot. A window that has an actual height of 5 feet should have what height in the drawing?

  1.  1.25 inches 
  2.  7.2 inches 
  3.  15.0 inches 
  4.  20.0 inches 

Correct Response: C. A scale of 3 inches equals 1 foot represents 12 inches in the real world as 3 inches on the model, or 1 inches in the model represents 4 inches in the real world. At this scale, 5 feet or 60 inches would be represented by 60 divided by 4 inches or 15 inches or 1 foot 3 inches.

Competency 0004 
Understand regulations, procedures, and skills related to ensuring safety in the technology workplace.

2. Which of the following steps should be taken  start italics first end italics  when administering aid to a person who has a deep puncture wound?

  1. Apply a tourniquet.
  2. Apply direct pressure.
  3. Apply a bandage.
  4. Apply an antiseptic

Correct Response: B. When a person receives a deep puncture wound, it is most important to stop the bleeding immediately. This is best accomplished by applying direct pressure to the wound.

Competency 0006 
Understand the principles and characteristics of Arts/AV and communications technologies.

3. In the mid-1960s, the first geostationary satellites were launched. This new technology allowed for which of the following advances in global communication?

  1. Communication signals can travel greater distances.
  2. Satellites remain within range of broadcasters.
  3. More signals can be handled by each satellite.
  4. One satellite can perform multiple functions.

Correct Response: B. Geostationary satellites are satellites that have orbits that allow them to remain over a fixed point on earth. This means that the satellite does not move in and out of range of any broadcast station.

Competency 0008 
Understand information technology processes and procedures related to graphic communication.

4.  start bold Use the diagram below to answer the question that follows. end bold 

The diagram shows two lines of equal length that cross at right angles, forming an X. Each line has a trapezoidal flag at each end. At the upper left, the flag is on the lower side of the line. At the upper right, the flag is on the upper side of the line. At the lower right, the flag is on the lower side of the line. At the lower left, the flag is on the upper side of the line.

How many lines of symmetry does the figure in the diagram have?

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 4

Correct Response: B. A line of symmetry is a line that divides an image into two mirror images. The image in the question has only one line of symmetry.

Competency 0009 
Understand the principles and characteristics of architecture and construction.

5. Which of the following types of engineers is most likely to be involved in the planning of the construction of a large dam?

  1. mechanical engineer
  2. systems engineer
  3. architectural engineer
  4. civil engineer

Correct Response: D. Civil engineers are engineers who specialize in designing and constructing large-scale structures, often as part of municipal, state, or federal projects. The construction of a large dam would typically require the services of a civil engineer.

Competency 0011 
Understand processes and procedures related to architecture and construction.

6. In selecting a material to be used for the floor of a garage, it is most important to consider resistance to:

  1. compression.
  2. tension.
  3. shear.
  4. torsion.

Correct Response: A. Compression is a force that acts in such a way as to squeeze materials or cause them to shorten or decrease in volume. This is the type of force applied to the floor of a garage when a vehicle rolls onto it.

Competency 0012 
Understand the principles and characteristics of manufacturing technology.

7. A person purchases an image-editing computer application for the home. Which of the following would be a violation of copyright law?

  1. selling the application, including the original disk, to a third party
  2. making a backup copy of the application's disk
  3. selling artwork created with the application
  4. making a copy of the application's disk for a friend

Correct Response: D. Most software is sold with a single-user license that prohibits the making of copies for purposes other than backing up the software. Making illegal copies is a violation of copyright laws.

Competency 0014 
Understand processes and procedures related to manufacturing technology.

8. The design specs for a workpiece indicate a width of  8.00 centimeters plus or minus 0.05 centimeters  and a length of 14.95 centimeters plus or minus 0.10 centimeters. Which of the following dimensions is acceptable according to these specifications?

  1. 7.90 centimeters times 15.00 centimeters
  2. 7.90 centimeters times 15.10 centimeters
  3. 7.95 centimeters times 15.00 centimeters
  4. 7.95 centimeters times 15.10 centimeters

Correct Response: C. To find the range of acceptable widths, add 0.05 centimeters to 8.00 centimeters and then subtract 0.05 centimeters from 8.00. The range of acceptable widths is 7.95 centimeters to 8.05 centimeters. To find the range of acceptable lengths, add 0.10 centimeters to 14.95 centimeters and then subtract 0.10 centimeters from 14.95 centimeters. The range of acceptable lengths is 14.85 centimeters to 15.05 centimeters.

Competency 0016 
Understand the selection and use of tools, equipment, and materials in transportation, distribution, and logistics.

9. Wind power is sometimes referred to as a kind of solar power. This is primarily because:

  1. both types of power are renewable.
  2. the Sun's energy is responsible for wind.
  3. both types of energy are derived from atmospheric conditions.
  4. most areas having abundant solar energy have abundant wind energy.

Correct Response: B. Warmer air is less dense than cooler air. Because of this, warm air rises and cool air sinks. Temperature differences in the atmosphere result in movement of air, sometimes on a large scale. This movement of air is wind and is becoming an important source of energy.

Competency 0017 
Understand processes and procedures related to transportation, distribution, and logistics.

10. What is the approximate power dissipation of an electrical circuit that consists of a 12 volt battery and two 7 ohm resistors all connected in series?

  1. 1.75 Watts
  2. 10 Watts
  3. 20 Watts
  4. 168 Watts

Correct Response: B. In this circuit, voltage is known left paren 12 V right paren. The resistance of the circuit can be found by adding the individual series resistances. R equals 7 plus 7 or 14 ohms. Current left paren I right paren can be calculated using Ohms Law left paren V equals I R right paren. 12 equals left paren I right paren left paren 14 right paren. I equals 12 / 14 equals 0.86 amps. Power is the product of voltage left paren 12 V right paren and current left paren 0.86 amps right paren or 10.3 Watts or approximately 10 Watts.