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Field 009: Family and Consumer Sciences 
Sample Selected-Response Questions

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General Test Directions

This test consists of two sections: 1) a section with selected-response questions and 2) a constructed-response section.

Each question in the first section is a selected-response question with four answer choices. Read each question and answer choice carefully and choose the  start uppercase ONE end uppercase  best answer.

Try to answer all questions. Even if you are unsure of an answer, it is better to guess than not to answer a question at all. You will  start uppercase NOT end uppercase  be penalized for guessing.

The second section of this test consists of one constructed-response assignment. You will be asked to provide a written response to the assignment. Directions for completing your written response to the constructed-response assignment appear immediately before the assignment.

You may  start uppercase NOT end uppercase  use any type of calculator or reference materials during the test session.

Sample Selected-Response Questions

Competency 0001 
Apply knowledge of characteristics and stages of infant and child development.

1. A parent notices that her three-year-old child frequently plays side by side with another two-year-old, but they do not interact directly with each other. In this situation, the parent's most appropriate action would be to:

  1. recognize that such behavior is typical of young children and avoid interfering with their play.
  2. sit down with the two children and prompt them to play more cooperatively.
  3. take the children aside individually and attempt to find out why they do not interact.
  4. bring out a new toy and tell the children that they may play with it, but they will have to share.

correct response: a. behavior of this type, called parallel play, is typical of three-year-olds, who are learning from each other even though they are not interacting directly. therefore, it should be allowed to continue.

Competency 0002 
Apply knowledge of the physical care and safety of children.

2. Which of the following strategies would be most appropriate for helping young children learn to avoid abduction?

  1. using fairy tales such as "Little Red Riding Hood" to explain the concept of abduction
  2. conducting counseling sessions with primary caregivers and children during which survivors of abduction relate their experiences
  3. educating children and primary caregivers about the circumstances and numbers of abductions in their community
  4. discussing potentially risky situations with children and having them role-play safe behavior with their teachers and caregivers

correct response: d. discussing risky situations and role-playing safe behaviors would give children the knowledge, skills, and practice needed to deal with potentially dangerous situations when they occur.

Competency 0003 
Apply knowledge of characteristics and stages of adolescent development, adulthood, and the aging process.

3. Which of the following activities would best promote mental alertness and reduce the chances of developing mental confusion during late adulthood?

  1. watching the news on television on a daily basis
  2. looking periodically at digital photo albums of family members and friends
  3. participating regularly in an exercise class
  4. listening to music on the radio every day

correct response: c. during late adulthood, regular participation in physical exercise can help protect against cognitive decline, preserve memory, and improve mental processing abilities. researchers theorize that this protective effect may result from an increase in blood flow to the brain, enhancing the delivery of oxygen to and the removal of waste from the brain.

Competency 0004 
Apply knowledge of nutritional requirements and basic principles of food science and nutrition across the life span.

4. Essential amino acids are a necessary part of a healthy diet because they:

  1. are used by the body to supply bursts of energy when needed.
  2. are an important source of required vitamins and minerals.
  3. are necessary for protein synthesis and must be supplied through food.
  4. are required to help the body break down and store fats and carbohydrates more efficiently.

correct response: c. in order for the body to utilize amino acids, it must get them through food, which must contain proteins from animal or plant combinations to ensure that all amino acids are present.

Competency 0005 
Apply knowledge of principles of kitchen and food safety and sanitation in home, commercial, and institutional kitchen settings.

5. The chances of contracting food poisoning are likely to be increased most by which of the following food-handling practices?

  1. thawing a steak partially before cooking
  2. letting a cooked casserole cool completely before refrigerating
  3. eating vegetables directly from a can without heating them first
  4. slicing raw meat on a cutting board after slicing vegetables on it

correct response: b. food poisoning can be caused by eating food containing dangerous levels of harmful bacteria. bacteria are prevented from multiplying at cold temperatures but will begin to grow at room temperature. therefore, cooked food that is to be stored should be refrigerated promptly.

Competency 0007 
Apply knowledge of consumer skills and resource management throughout the life span.

6. Which of the following scenarios is an example of bait-and-switch selling?

  1. A person sees a product advertised, but when she gets to the store, the salesperson tells her that the item is out of stock. The salesperson then shows her a similar, more expensive product.
  2. A person goes to a store to buy an advertised item. After comparing the item with the other available merchandise, he decides to purchase a similar but more expensive item.
  3. A person sees a product advertised, but when she gets to the store, the item is not on display. The salesperson locates the product in a storage room, and she decides to buy the item after examining it closely.
  4. A person is told by a salesperson that the product he saw advertised is currently out of stock, but that a new shipment is expected at the store soon. He is invited to return to inspect the item, and he is given a slip that guarantees him the sale price.

correct response: a. bait-and-switch selling is the illegal practice of advertising a product at an extraordinary bargain price for the purpose of drawing customers into a situation where they can be persuaded to make a more expensive purchase. the advertisement omits mentioning that only a small quantity of items are available at the special price. upon arriving at the store, the buyer is informed by a salesperson that the advertised item is out of stock and shown a more expensive substitute. advertising a product for which there are limited supplies is legal only if the number of items available is indicated in the advertisement.

Competency 0009 
Apply knowledge of apparel assembly and design, fashion, and textiles.

7. An individual asks a retail fashion clerk to recommend the best type of shirt for traveling in a warm climate. Which of the following fabrics should the clerk recommend?

  1.  50 percent linen forward slash 50 percent ramie 
  2.  100 percent acylic 
  3.  50 percent cotton forward slash 50 percent polyester 
  4.  100 percent silk 

correct response: c. for travel in a warm climate, clothing should be made of material that "breathes," or allows the passage of air, and is lightweight, absorbent, and wrinkle free. a shirt made of a cotton/polyester blend would have all of these characteristics.

Competency 0011 
Apply knowledge of concepts and skills required for careers within the hospitality and tourism industries.

8. Which of the following actions is of highest importance to keep guests and employees safe during a tornado warning?

  1. posting evacuation plans in each hotel room with a map of where guests should go during a weather event
  2. keeping all elevators moving to transport guests to the lowest floor of the hotel during a weather event
  3. calling each room to tell the guests to stay in place in their rooms during the weather event
  4. having an employee monitor the storm to determine when to alert guests to the danger of the weather event

correct response: a. safety standards and emergency preparedness are important aspects of the hospitality industry. in a hotel each room must be equipped with maps for fire safety and weather safety that communicate the necessary information in the event of one of these emergencies.

Competency 0013 
Apply knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, parenthood, and the roles and responsibilities of parents/guardians.

9. Which of the following strategies is recommended for the caregiver of an infant who is healthy but has weak neck, shoulder, and back muscles and who is showing signs of positional flattening of the head?

  1. placing the infant in a supported sitting position
  2. helping the infant to stand and put more weight on his or her legs
  3. having the infant spend more supervised time on his or her stomach
  4. developing a better sleep routine that encourages longer, more restful sleep

correct response: c. according to research, spending supervised time on the stomach helps strengthen an infant's neck, shoulder, and back muscles. all infants need “tummy time,” but an infant with weak neck, shoulder, and back muscles needs additional time on his or her stomach to exercise and strengthen these muscles.

Competency 0016 
Apply knowledge of career options related to family and consumer sciences and developing students' career and leadership skills.

10. A teacher of family and consumer sciences is most likely to request assistance from area business leaders in:

  1. providing work experiences for students.
  2. designing a curriculum scope and sequence for the upcoming year.
  3. funding the purchase of textbooks and supplies.
  4. developing student learning and assessment standards.

correct response:a. area business leaders can provide students with work-related opportunities, such as apprenticeships, internships, and after-school/summer jobs. educational partnerships with area businesses can enhance students' formal education by helping students gain work-related knowledge, skills, and experience.