Field 125: Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics

Framework Development Correlation Table

Competency Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics (Draft July 1, 2015) Oklahoma Full (Subject Matter) Competencies for Licensure and Certification — November 2009 NCTM CAEP Mathematics Content for Middle Grades Addendum to the NCTM CAEP Standards 2012
0017.N.1, PA.N.1, A1.N.1Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.1.1
0026.N.1, 6.N.2, 6.N.3, 7.N.2Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.1.2, B.1.3
0036.A.1, 7.A.1, A1.F.1Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.2.3
0046.A.2, 6.A.3, PA.A.3, A1.F.3Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.2.1
0057.A.2, 7.A.3, 7.A.4, 7.A.5, PA.A.1, PA.A.2, PA.A.4, A1.A.1, A1.A.2, A1.A.3, A1.F.1, A1.F.2, A1.F.4Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.2.1, B.2.4
006Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.2.4
007A1.A.1, A1.A.2Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.2.2
008Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.5.1, B.5.2
0096.GM.1, 6.GM.2, 6.GM.3, 7.GM.2, 7.GM.3, PA.GM.3Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.3.7
010PA.GM.1, PA.GM.2, G.1, G.2, G.4, G.5, G.6Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.3.1, B.3.3, B.3.4, B.3.5, B.3.6, B.3.8
0117.GM.1, G.3, G.6Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.3.2, B.3.9
0126.D.2, 7.D.2, PA.D.2, A1.D.2Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.4.4, B.4.5
0136.D.1, 7.D.1, PA.D.1, A1.D.1Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.4.1, B.4.2, B.4.3
014Intermediate Mathematics (C)B.1.4
015PedagogyIntermediate Mathematics (C)3


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