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Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators (CEOE)

Notice to CEOE Candidates

Take a CEOE™ Field Test at a Pearson VUE Test Center
and earn a $100 incentive (via check)

What Is a Field Test?

A field test allows candidates to "try out" or "pilot" new CEOE test items that may appear on a new CEOE test form next year. Field tests consist of selected-response questions and a constructed-response assignment. Each field test session is 120 minutes long.

Am I Eligible to Take a Field Test?

Eligible candidates need to be seeking an Oklahoma certification in one of the fields listed below, or need to have recently registered or taken (within 5 years) a CEOE test in one of the fields listed below. Faculty members at educator preparation programs are not eligible to participate.

What Field Tests Can I Take?

CEOE Blind/Visual Impairment PTCE 128
CEOE Computer SciencePTCE 181
CEOE DancePTCE 178
CEOE French PTCE 120
CEOE Journalism PTCE 137
CEOE Latin PTCE 123
CEOE RussianPTCE 122

How Can I Participate in the Field Test?

Candidates must create a separate field test account on the website listed below to register and schedule a session. Existing CEOE "My Accounts" cannot be used to register for field tests.

Registration opens: October 25, 2017

Testing begins: November 8, 2017

Testing ends: December 7, 2017

Candidates may register for up to 2 field test sessions.

Incomplete tests or responses (as noted in the directions) will not be eligible for incentives. Participants must also complete a brief phone survey following their field test session to receive their incentive. Incentives are issued upon verification of completion of each field test form as directed and will be distributed 6–8 weeks after the field test window closes.

Are Field Test Scores Released?

Information from the field test will be used to evaluate test questions. Score information will not be provided to participants or institutions. Field test results will be analyzed as group data only and will be kept confidential.


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