Free Interactive Practice Tests with Registration

The Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA) is pleased to announce the rollout of free practice tests with CEOE test registration.

Phased rollout of free practice tests

For select tests, practice tests will start to become available for free in registration on August 31, 2021, and will continue to be rolled out for additional tests through September 2022.

Once a free practice test is available in registration for a test, it will not be retroactive for registrations prior to the date the free practice test became available. Therefore, if you have registered for a test and did not receive a free practice test in registration, but would like to, you will need to withdraw your registration and reregister when the free practice test for your test is available.

Use the table below as a guide to plan your registration and preparation. When the free practice test for your test becomes available, it will automatically appear in your cart with a $0 price during the registration checkout process.

Tests Free practice test availability*
002 Art
010 Biological Sciences
004 Chemistry
108 Earth Science
177 English as a Second Language
120 French
121 German
083 Gifted Education
038 Library-Media Specialist
124 Middle Level English
139 School Counselor
August 31 2021
040 Business Education
113 Physical Science
144 Principal Comprehensive Assessment
015 Reading Specialist
119 Spanish
By October 2021
036 Driver/Safety Education
248 Superintendent
By November 2021
111 Advanced Mathematics
105 Early Childhood Education**
050/051 Elementary Education Subtests 1 & 2**
082 Elementary Mathematics Specialist
009 Family and Consumer Sciences
125 Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics**
129 Mild-Moderate Disabilities**
174 Oklahoma General Education Test**
012 Physical Education/Health/Safety**
017 U.S. History/Oklahoma History/Government/Economics**
December 2021

*Dates subject to change; check back to this page for the latest information.

**Interactive practice test currently available for sale. On August 31, 2021, prices will be reduced. Free versions of these will be available December 2021.

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