Test Dates

Refer to the following table for information about registration options and deadlines for each paper-based test administration.

Test Date Regular Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline
(additional fee applies)
Emergency Registration Period
(additional fee applies)
Score Report Date
  Regular registration available online Late registration available online Emergency registration available online Emergency registration available by phone  
Sept. 14, 2013 Aug. 9, 2013 Aug. 23, 2013 Aug. 23–Sept. 6, 2013 Aug. 27–Sept. 6, 2013 Oct. 11, 2013*
Nov. 16, 2013 Oct. 11, 2013 Oct. 25, 2013 Oct. 25–Nov. 8, 2013 Oct. 29–Nov. 8, 2013 Dec. 13, 2013
Jan. 25, 2014 Dec. 20, 2013 Jan. 3, 2014 Jan. 3–17, 2014 Jan. 7–17, 2014 Feb. 21, 2014
April 12, 2014 March 7, 2014 March 21, 2014 Mar. 21–Apr. 4, 2014 Mar. 25–Apr. 4, 2014 May 9, 2014
July 19, 2014 June 13, 2014 June 27, 2014 June 27–July 11, 2014 July 1–11, 2014 Aug. 15, 2014
All requests for alternative testing arrangements should be submitted as early as possible. Because of space, staff, and time constraints, there can be no assurance that requests received after the regular registration deadline can be accommodated.
Internet registration information Internet Registration
All registration periods. To register on the Internet, your registration must be completed by 5:00 p.m. central time on the registration deadline for the period.
Telephone registration information Telephone Registration
Emergency registration period only. To register by telephone, call (866) 565-4893 or (413) 256-2879, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. central time, Monday–Friday, excluding the following holidays: September 2, 2013, and July 4, 2014. You must call by 5:00 p.m. central time on the emergency registration deadline.
If you register to take the same test on multiple test dates and pass the test on the first test date, you will not be issued a refund for your additional registrations on the basis of your passing perfomance.

*Score reports for the tests listed below will be delayed due to activities involved in setting the passing standards for these tests.
Therefore, score reports for these tests will not be available until late fall 2013. Emergency registration fees will not be waived for examinees who receive delayed scores during the emergency registration period for the November test date and then choose to register for that test date. Also, examinees who register for the November test date before receiving their scores and later learn that they passed the test at the September administration will not receive refunds for any testing fees paid.

Test dates for the next program year will be posted here in the summer of 2014.